Gateway to Heaven: Top 3 Airports in the UK

09/06/2014 11:23

The role of airports in travel goes beyond runways and the endless conveyor belts. According to Wendy Waters of All About Cities, “for a city to attract and retain corporations with national and global ties — as well as talented people to work for them — efficient, functional airports that are easily reached will be increasingly important.” Because of this, airport management agencies from all around the world hire the best architects and construction firms to ensure that airports become a part of a tourist’s experience. Countries like the UK have considered this greatly, mainly because they have the highest concentration of the world’s top-ranking airports.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR)
As the flagship airport in the United Kingdom, London Heathrow Airport never ceases to amaze travelers and industry leaders, according to Forbes. Unlike other airports that merely renovate facilities to maintain their beauty, London Heathrow Airport always looks towards expansion and reinvention of their passenger's experience. According to airport parking services, Parking 4 less, the opening of London Heathrow Terminal 2 this month will change the way airports cater for travelers. “The Queen’s Terminal, as it will be called, is expected to be an extraordinary light and spacious area, designed to enhance the travel experience of passengers. Airside passengers will be for the first time able to visit two very British and unique experiences in the shape of John Lewis and the Michelin starred, self taught chef Heston Blumenthal,” the website said.

London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
Gatwick Airport has always been second to Heathrow for quite some time, but this massive airport in West Sussex doesn't fall short of excellent features and top-notch services that are on offer to all of their the passengers. According to Essential Travel, Gatwick boasts a wide assortment of fine restaurants and designer boutiques. Among the best establishments in Gatwick Airport that offer the best dining experience to travelers are Apostrophe and Caviar House, and the Prunier Seafood Bar. However, one of the best features of Gatwick Airport is the “Best of the Best” exhibit, a unique showcase of the world’s best supercars—ranging from exotic cars such as Aston Martins and Lamborghinis.

Edinburgh Airport (EDI)
Hailed by the Airports Council International as the second best airport in Europe in 2011, Edinburgh airport continuously strives for excellence. Aside from spacious facilities and its distinct contemporary architectural prowess, it is Edinburgh Airport’s restaurants and hearty cafés that make it a cut above the rest. However, probably the best feature of said airport is the extensive exhibition of original Scottish artworks at the Airport Gallery. Other than the main attractions such as sculptures, the Airport Gallery also features works produced by contemporary Scottish artists.