Santorini, on the Volcano

03/05/2015 17:36
Formerly Thera, or Santorini how the Venetians called it, was known before as Kallisté, the most beautiful, or Strongylé, the round one, thus was its perimeter. But this condition would change after the great eruption 1600 years before our era hit the isle and for some would explain the myth of...

Formentor Revisited

10/10/2014 20:40
The distance from the Catalan coast to Palma, in Mallorca, is the time a dream needs, or the time spent in dozing on a deck chair awaiting the arrival of the first light of dawn, or before these, on the horizon that slowly approaches, the city lights that project as a reflection of a lighthouse...


15/04/2014 10:19
To Rafa and Paco Malaga is sweet as its own wines, tasty as the fried fish, which they say is seasoned differently from the rest of Andalusia, finest, as the exquisite eaten raw clams. Malaga is the essence of ancient cultures in the Mediterranean Andalusia. Essences that in the old town, between...

Gortyn Laws

10/12/2013 18:00
Knossos, Minoan Crete capital, home of the famous and legendary labyrinth, was undoubtedly the most important and known Hellenic island, but that position was disputed for many years, between 1600 and 1100 BC, and not always the capital of King Minos was preeminent. Four more cities disputed that...
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